Believe it or not

Berlin 2008 / DOCK 11 / 55 Min

Yesterday's visions are today's nightmare


Yesterday’s visions are today’s nightmare. Going back to the science fiction films of our past,TOTAL BRUTAL presents a kaleidoscope of future scenarios in three parts. BELIEVE – the naiveté and paranoia of a future that would bring us housewife robots and brave man who save the world in the last minute.

BELIEVE IT OR NOT – hard bodies and transplants, nothing is certain anymore, the distant them is now the alien we. Welcome to the sundown of the century! FORGET ABOUT IT – Who do you run after when nobody is left? This is the present and the sky is empty, comrades.

What did we plan for the day after tomorrow?

Concept & Choreography: Nir De Volff
Cast & texts: David Bloom, Milena Dreissig, Kotomi Nishiwaki, Carlos Maria Romero & Nuno Lucas
Live music: Arik Hayut & jayrope
Artistic Advisor: Tatiana Saphir
Dramaturgy: Jan-Philipp Possmann
Stage: Christof Hetzer Costumes: Cristina Nyffeler
Light & Technical Direction: Nir Moses
Photos: Bernhard Musil
Graphic Design: Andrés Castoldi
Choreographic Assistance: Luka Omoto
Production / PR: ehrliche arbeit – Freies Kulturbüro


Funded by the Reigning Mayor of Berlin – Senatskanzlei – Cultural Affairs and Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V. Supported by and produced at Dock 11 / Berlin.
Presented by taz, Freitag, Neues Deutschland and 030.


© 2021 All rights reserved to TOTAL BRUTAL/Nir De Volff.

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