Berlin 2011 / DOCK 11 / 50 Min

People choose their circle of friends - but when it comes to neighbors, we all seem to underlie the same random combinatorial mechanisms as concerning the family we are born into. Yet contrary to family, you need not necessarily share your table with your neighbors - unless, of course, you want to!

From a sociological perspective, a neighborhood can be described as a community with considerable face-to-face interaction amongst members. In KOMOT, the choreography focuses on displaying the micro and macro levels of this phenomenon of neighbor ship. Zooming in and out on the details of humane manners, KOMOT exposes different political attitudes, cultural differences, and social backgrounds.

A single household meticulously guarded loneliness, carefully kept from the eye of the eternally spying neighbor, can be the same loneliness that brings people to disproportionally open their gates.

In this new performance, the ensemble of TOTAL BRUTAL illuminates the fictive scenario of neighbor-ship from France, Germany, Australia and Israel living in a shared apartment building. Where the encounter of diverse cultural egos and prejudices on the same floors practically destroy the individual demands for anonymity and private sphere, TOTAL BRUTAL stages the subtle conflicts and mirrors mankind facets in this borderline situation. Neighbors can be a nightmare by all means!

How do we protect ourselves from the ever lurking spy? What if existential questions are threateningly transmitted upon the doormat, symbol of private sphere, that one day disappears without a trace?

Konzept & Choreographie: Nir De Volff
Von und mit: Florian Bilbao, Claus Erbskorn, Chris Scherer & Nir De Volff
Musik: Claus Erbskor Bühne Anke Gänz
Kostüm: Iva Wili
Lichtdesign: Felix Grimm
Grafik: Dorit Bialer
Fotos: Bernhard Musil
Press: AUGUSTINPR Produktionsleitung & Öffentlichkeitsarbeit ehrliche arbeit – Freies Kulturbüro
Produktions- & Choreographieassistenz: Monica Ferrari Regieassistenz: Jonas Kling & Daniel Roth

A Nir de Volff / TOTAL BRUTAL production funded by Berliner Kulturverwaltung and Fonds Darstellende Knste e.V. Supported by Dock11


© 2021 All rights reserved to TOTAL BRUTAL/Nir De Volff.

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