Leipzig / 2015/ Halle14 Gallery / 60 Min

A unique collaboration between Nir de Volff and the artist Renan Harari at Leipzig’s renowed art space Halle14 produced by LOFFT- DAS THEATER.


In the frame of leipzig’s Jewish festival, Nir de Volff together with his performers have been invited for a residency. They explore the currant relation between young Israelis and Germans, their identity, agendas and their future visions.

150/ DENKMALE is a multidisciplinary performance where borders between dance, text and performance art are receding. The gallery space transformed into theatrical arena while the performers use their bodies as art sculptures.

150/DENKMALE is a performance where the audiances do not play only the role of the observers, but being part of the space and having autonomy to move and shift they location to verious attractions without loosing a narrative.

Concept, direction & costume: Nir de Volff
Space and objects: Renan Harari
Performers: Katharina Mashenka Horn, Francisco Bejarano Montes de Oca, Nir de Volff
Pictures: Sebastian Hühmer
Production: Anne-Cathrin Lessel


A Nir de Volff / TOTAL BRUTAL production with the support of Liepzig city cultural department, Halle14 Leipzig & LOFFT- DAS THEATER.


© 2021 All rights reserved to TOTAL BRUTAL/Nir De Volff.

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