Picnics, weddings and Funerals

Berlin 2010 / DOCK 11 / 55 Min

Set in a garden in the middle of nowhere, social rituals like weddings, funerals or sharing a meal - in this case a picnic - are danced by the performers to the point of total exhaustion.

After MATKOT and MIDBAR Nir De Volff / TOTAL BRUTAL presents with PICNICS, WEDDINGS AND FUNERALS the last production of a trilogy.

Gestures and symbols are reflected as if enlarged by a magnifying glass, distorted and stretched to extremes. First, the performers bodies are limited to the social codes of movement, which then becomes the starting point of communicating with each other. Finally the choreography collapses into chaos, into an emotional-apocalyptic Clash of Happiness Hieronymus Bosch’s “Garden of Earthly Delights” set in the Global Village. When was the last time you went to a PICNIC, a WEDDING or a FUNERAL because you wanted to?!!

Concept, Choreography: Nir De Volff
Performers: Florian Bilbao, Benjamin Block, Ariel Cohen, Elly Fjuita, Katharina Maschenka Horn, Chris Scherer, Neta Shlain, Jochen Stechmann
Music: jayrope
Costumes: Pieter Bax
Stage: Nir de Volff, Anke Gänz
Light, Technical Direction: Felix Grimm
Photo: Gal Reichert
Graphics: Dorit Bialer
Choreographic assistant: Monica Ferrari, Olivia Cholette
Press work: AUGUSTINPR
Production Management: Uli Decker
Production and PR: Sandra Klöss Ehrliche Arbeit.
Photos: Bernhard Musil

A Nir De Volff / TOTAL BRUTAL production funded by Berliner Kulturverwaltung and Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V. Supported by Dock 11


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