Somewhere in the middle of nowhere several different characters meet in a nightclub. They come alone, one by one, they dance and show their fears of the unknown in the near future.The expression LOST DECADE client term of economic decline in Latin America in the late '80s. Situation where Europe is today, a state of crisis.

DIARY OF A LOST DECADE will  travel  back to research the social dance style of Berlin in the 20th and use it as a aesthetically stylish starting point which will unite the two cities and two different periods:  Berlin of the mid-late 20's, Tel Aviv-Berlin of today . Under the spotlight with glamor appearance, the dancers demonstrate apocalyptic scenario. They come from different countries, Germany, Israel, Brasil, France or Australia, private or national fear of the present or the future is the motivation and the reason why they remain moving. The night club is full of smoke that chokes,  but the laughter must continue to entertain the audience.

 DIARY OF A LOST DECADE Directs the focus on the dance, a dance of bodies in struggle,  existential Sisyphean moving bodies, that maintain a sense of humor and cautious optimism.

How does contemporary cabaret show would look like?How we can (or cannot) re-grasp the fundamental inquiries of the present? 

Is there different patterns of hatred, fear or freedom of today from those of the mid-20?

Concept and choreography: Nir de Volff

Music: Claus Erbskorn

Stage: Roey Heifetz

Costumes: Iva Wili

Lightning design: Felix Grimm

Performer: Florian Bilbao, Claus Erbskorn, Natalia Fernandes, Katharina Maschenka Horn, Chris Scherer, Arie Oshri

technical direction: Felix Grimm

Assistant director: Inês Espinhaço Gomes

Assistant costumes: Jessica Schott

Production management: Alexa Gräfe

Photos: Bernhard Musil

coproduction by TOTAL BRUTAL  and Sophiensaele Berlin.

Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin,

Goethe Institut Tel Aviv, Embassy of Israel in Berlin.

/ Berlin - Tel-Aviv / 2013 / Sophiensaele / 90 Min